Missed Votes

Kristi Noem missed 21% of the roll call votes held in the House of Representatives in 2018. See this graph from www.govtrack.us showing her recent increase in missed votes:

That poor attendance record puts her well above the 90th percentile for missed votes among her fellow Representatives attendance records for 2018. Throughout her Washington career, she has missed 219 votes, ranking her in the bottom half among the lifetime records of other representatives she serves with. Her attendance got worse when she decided to run for Governor just 6 days after the last election!

As South Dakota’s only member of the US House, when Noem doesn’t vote, South Dakota has no input in the decisions made in the House. South Dakota’s voices are silenced when Noem takes a day off to campaign for her next government position of power. South Dakota deserves better than a career politician who puts their next political move in front of the job they were already elected to do.