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Kristi Noem will be the first to tell you about all her “experience,” but what has that “experience” done for South Dakota? Not much. In her 8 years in Washington, No-Show Noem only passed one bill into law. Meanwhile, taxpayers paid her $1.4 million to do it. That’s right, we paid Noem $1.4 million and she didn’t even show up or get results.


On top of that, your tax dollars paid for Noem to go on expensive taxpayer funded trips to Italy, Norway, the United Kingdom, Germany, Egypt, Greece, China, South Korea, Japan, Afghanistan, and the United Arab Emirates – costing you and I more than $175,000. Special interests paid for trips to Kenya, Jerusalem, Nazareth, and Tel Aviv – travel perks worth an additional $35,000. And Kristi’s staff has taken a dozen trips paid for by special interests too.


To sum it up, Kristi skips work and passes one bill in 8 years – all while taking home 1.4 million on the public payroll and taking full advantage of all the perks of the job! Doesn’t sound like someone South Dakota can trust to be the CEO of our great state.