Quit on Ag

Thanks to Congresswoman Noem, farmers and ranchers are facing even greater uncertainty as of October 1 when the Farm Bill expired. But, she’s still boasting about the last Farm Bill… from 5 years ago… that was also late.

Not only did Noem fail to stand up for South Dakota ag producers, she and the rest of the US House ditched DC two weeks ahead of schedule, giving themselves time off from their congressional responsibilities to campaign for their next government offices. This failure of leadership is especially troubling since producers are already feeling the squeeze of tariffs as the harvest season begins.

The Congresswoman had multiple opportunities to avoid this mess, but chose to pursue power instead of representing South Dakotans as our lone voice in US House:

Noem Leaves the Ag Committee

First, Noem left the Ag Committee in 2014 to advance her own career and instead join the Ways and Means Committee, leaving the ag state of South Dakota without a voice on agricultural issues.

Noem Doesn’t Fight for Ag

Next, on the Ways and Means Committee, which oversees trade agreements, the Congresswoman did nothing to fix the unfair trade situation and current trade war for which our farmers and ranchers are bearing the brunt of China’s retaliation.

Then, the Congresswoman didn’t get on the Farm Bill conference committee in July to try to create some semblance of certainty for South Dakota farmers, but said she expected final passage before the end of September. Which did not happen. Another broken promise from the Congresswoman.

Noem Quits Early with No Results

Congresswoman Noem has consistently shown her unwillingness to do her job and fight for South Dakota ag throughout her Washington career, missing committee meetings, leaving the ag committee, doing nothing for trade from Ways and Means, and leaving South Dakota farmers without a voice or a Farm Bill as she leaves Washington two weeks early to campaign. South Dakotans need a leader they can trust to get the job done, not one who can’t show up or keep her commitments to South Dakota’s #1 industry.