Skipped Debates

In an effort to get the chance to talk issues in front of voters, Billie Sutton accepted invitations to more than ten debates and forums hosted by various civic organizations in the general election. No-Show Kristi Noem would accept only the last three. None of the debates she deemed acceptable were open to the public, providing Noem protection from the public’s input.

Some of the public appearances Noem No-Showed?

  • South Dakota Farm Bureau’s Dakota Fest Forum
  • KSFY State Fair Gubernatorial Debate
  • KTIV Channel 4 News Debate
  • SDPB, Associated School Boards of South Dakota, & School Administrators of South Dakota’s Education Debate
  • Sioux Empire Home Builders Association Forum
  • South Dakota Municipal League Forum
  • SD Association of Healthcare Organizations & SD State Medical Association Forum

Noem refused all but three televised debates, but even then didn’t even bother to show up on time for the first one. Noem missed the scheduled time for the coin toss in the Keloland debate.

It’s really no surprise Congresswoman Noem is hesitant to have open-to-the public debates with Billie Sutton. She hasn’t shown up for her job in Congress, missing more votes this year than 93% of her colleagues in the US House. She hasn’t been showing up in South Dakota either, turning down approximately three-quarters of all general election public debate and forum invitations. With an attendance record like that, how can South Dakotans trust that she’ll show up for them in the State Capitol? In fact, she admitted herself that if she becomes governor, she might just phone it in and not even move to Pierre.