No Show Noem

Congresswoman Kristi Noem is notoriously absent from her job, from South Dakota, and from her responsibilities representing the people of our state. But, now she wants to be governor and expects the position to be handed to her. South Dakota needs a leader who can clean up corruption in state government, but No-Show Noem won’t even show up for South Dakota.

No-Show Noem has shown her lack of commitment to the state over and over. She’s made it clear she cannot be bothered to show up in DC and represent South Dakota as our lone voice in Congress. She’s unwilling to show up in South Dakota for town halls or to debate the issues voters care about in front of regular South Dakotans.

Noem’s no-show record has produced what you would expect: no results. Noem showed up for South Dakotans just once in her eight years in DC, passing just one bill into law in 8 years. Yet, she still cashed in her full $1.4 million pay regardless of her no show / no results record.

Just like South Dakota doesn’t need another government scandal, South Dakota doesn’t need a No-Show Governor.